22 October 2007

Not Dead Yet

hello jessie, parents, other john, anyone who is reading this blog. just a quick not to say i am not dead, but my computer is, so posting will be difficult in the coming weeks. i'm in tanzania right now staying with my friend daudi. we are having a blast and accomplishing a ton. many pictures and stories to share. i'm still writing the postcards, and saving them to discs so i can upload them once my computer is back in action.

hiking kilimanjaro on wednesday, hopefully. then back to nairobi and madagascar, to work on a documentary about masoala national park.

back to the us in early december.

hope you all are doing well. more posts to come, i promise.


09 August 2007

of feast and famine

hello dedicated post-a-card readers. just a quick note about a knot that's worked its way into the shoulder muscles of our blog -- one that hopefully, probably, no definitely will get worked out in the near future. our masseuse is swedish.

if you haven't noticed, the blogs have been coming in spurts. nothing for a week, then a deluge of titillating post-a-card information so powerful that you are late to work because you can't stop swimming through our prose. at least when it's not caked in bad metaphors ...

i'm in the process of putting up about a week and a half's worth of entries. if you have time, sift through them. i feel bad for the ones that are getting de facto shoved to the bottom of the barrel. for instance, one of the older ones is about sakalava spirit possession/zebu sacrifice. bizarre. you must read.

and i/we will try to post more steadily in the future. think seattle (steady drizzle), not madagascar (rain for 6 months, then an equally long dusty season). and the metaphors look like they're still in the forecast. sorry about that.

miss those of you who i know. shoot me a line if you get a minute.


09 July 2007

howto: the "back" of your postcard

Here are a few ways to go about submitting the back side of your postcard, you know, the one with your writing on it ...

1. Send it to us in the mail. We'll scan it in.
2. Write on the back of an actual postcard. Take a picture of it (or scan it) and send it to us by e-mail. Then mail the paper postcard to someone you care about. Or to a stranger. Or us. Whatever.
3. Make your own. Just write something on note card or similarly rectangular piece of paper and take a picture of it.

Send electronic cards to postacard@gmail.com

Have fun, and be original.

02 July 2007

howto: the "front" of your postcard

A couple of tips for sending us photos and videos as the "front" of your postcard.

1. You can send a photo as an attachment to an e-mail. Please resize images so they aren't ginormous.
2. You can send us a link to a photo that's on your personal photo site -- like flickr or ofoto. This is the easiest option for us.
3. Videos need to be up on another site -- like youtube or google video -- for us to post them. Just like with photos, you can send us a link to your video.

email everything to:

30 June 2007

what is this site?

Visit this site for the musings of John D. Sutter and Jessie Bonner, journalists and creators of post.a.card.

We'll be in Africa and Central America, respectively, starting in late July. Check back for updates.