09 August 2007

of feast and famine

hello dedicated post-a-card readers. just a quick note about a knot that's worked its way into the shoulder muscles of our blog -- one that hopefully, probably, no definitely will get worked out in the near future. our masseuse is swedish.

if you haven't noticed, the blogs have been coming in spurts. nothing for a week, then a deluge of titillating post-a-card information so powerful that you are late to work because you can't stop swimming through our prose. at least when it's not caked in bad metaphors ...

i'm in the process of putting up about a week and a half's worth of entries. if you have time, sift through them. i feel bad for the ones that are getting de facto shoved to the bottom of the barrel. for instance, one of the older ones is about sakalava spirit possession/zebu sacrifice. bizarre. you must read.

and i/we will try to post more steadily in the future. think seattle (steady drizzle), not madagascar (rain for 6 months, then an equally long dusty season). and the metaphors look like they're still in the forecast. sorry about that.

miss those of you who i know. shoot me a line if you get a minute.


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